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UKAS and ISO Accredited Validations

ISO 17025:2005 UKAS Accreditation

Download the ISO/ IEC 17025:2005 certificate here

Triple Red offers a complete validation service for your autoclave, to give you the reassurance that your sterilisation cycles are performing accurately. Our competence, impartiality and performance in the validation of autoclaves are demonstrated by our nationally recognised UKAS accreditation to ISO 17025:2005. We received our certificate of accreditation in February 2011, reflecting our commitment to quality and consistency for our customers.

Our accreditation allows us to provide you with a certificate of calibration according to our scope which covers the following activities which are essential to the sterilisation process:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Time

Enquire with us today for this premium service and we will support you through the complete process;

  • Discuss your validation requirements with our qualified advisors
  • Agree and sign a proposal of validation so you can be sure of the work to be completed before we start
  • Site visit arranged by our dedicated coordination team, including delivery of our validation equipment to site at an agreed time
  • Site visit completed by one our fully competent ISO 17025:2005 validation engineers
  • Provision of interim report left with you on the day, explained by our engineer
  • Issue of full ISO 17025:2005 Certificate of Validation with approved signature

Should you require a UKAS accredited calibration of other temperature controlled equipment such as your CO2 incubator, we are able to arrange this for you and provide a UKAS certificate of results.

ISO 9001:2015

Download the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate here

Our company philosophy to exceed customer expectations has always been with us and by incorporating this into accreditations our customers can now be assured this philosophy is maintained and continually assessed within our support systems.

Triple Red demonstrates a commitment to quality practice in the delivery of service, product & technical support to our customers through our certification to ISO9001:2015 and accreditation to ISO17025:2005 as a UKAS calibration laboratory (no. 4365).


The implementation of our Quality culture is the responsibility of every member of staff, starting with the Management Team of Directors who make policy decisions to promote continual improvement through product research and development, conformance checks, customer communication and staff development.

We are continually monitoring ourselves, seeking feedback and ensuring traceability is present in the things we do. Our customers then benefit from our provision of an exceptional quality of service.