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  • Tego 2001 Tego 2001

TEGO 2001 concentrated microbial cleaner for hard surfaces (4x5ltr)

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Tego 2001 is a concentrated, microbiocidal formulation, for the disinfection of surfaces in the food and beverage processing and allied industries and in pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacture. Tego 2001 is a surface active, microbiocidal amphoteric system, based on 1-alkyl-1,5-diazapetane in aqueous solution.

KEY PROPERTIES: Use for the disinfection of pre-cleaned walls, floors, work surfaces, conveyors and equipment. Can be applied as a spray or by means of a clean mop, cloth or sponge. Small items, or dismantled equipment, may be cleaned and immersed in a Tego 2001 solution. Ideal for low temperature production areas as it maintains its efficacy even at 10°C. Can be used for fogging. Tego 2001 also has retailer approval for use in high care food production factories.

USE INSTRUCTIONS: Tego 2001 is normally used as a 1.0% v/v aqueous solution (50ml in 5L of water) at temperatures up to 50°C. For fogging use Tego 2001 as a 1-2% solution at approximately 1L per 100m3 air space.

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A concentrated microbial cleaner for hard surfaces (4x5ltr)
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