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Super Summer Special Offers

Triple Red have some super summer offers to help maximise your end of year budget.

We have Class II Cabinets, incubators, ultra low freezers, pipettes, tips and a wealth of tissue culture plastic in stock and ready to deliver and invoice. We can provide split quotations and invoices to assist with different budget allocations.

NuAire CO2 Incubators:

HEPA filtration, positive pressure in chamber and constant circulation ensure the incubator is microbe and condensation free. No fan or filter in chamber and up to 200L of space.

Deionised Water: 

The Pico is a unique small footprint unit with exceptional low running costs, giving you 10 litres per hour of Type 2 water suitable for all general laboratory applications. With integrated reservoir and disposable RO, the Pico maintains peak performance and can squeeze into a tiny space. Made in the UK.

Laboratory Printer Kit: 

The BMP51 Lab Kit from Brady offers everything you require to print labels for a multitude of laboratory containers from tubes to tubs and even the cupboards and drawers. Labels resist water, liquid nitrogen and chemicals, they can also be applied to frozen samples. Use as a hand held or connect to PC and design labels or download from Excel. Use linear or 2D barcodes.

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(Offers expire 31st July 2018)