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SOLQUEST cage, tray and utensil machine detergent (2x10ltr)

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Solquest is an amber coloured liquid with a slight odour of ammonia containing free alkalinity and a high level of chelating agents.

APPLICATION: Solquest is a heavy duty, non-foaming liquid detergent, for use in all types of Washing Machines. The product contains a high level of free alkalinity for the removal of fatty and proteinaceuos soils and chelating agents for the removal and prevention of inorganic scale and deposits. 
Solquest is recommended for use on glass, i.e. laboratory glassware and bottle washing, stainless steel and most plastic with the exception of polycarbonate. Use on aluminium and brass metals should be avoided because of the product’s causticity and chelating properties.
Solquest may be used as a neutraliser for 3D, 3DLF and Scalfree, in washing machines with acid washing and complete drain per cycle type programmes, with hard water supplies. Neutralisation, without the high chelating property of Solquest, can produce precipitation of hardness salts producing scale deposits.

USE CONCENTRATION: For most machine washing applications, use in the range of 1-5m1 per litre, determined by water hardness and soil conditions. Ensure that machine detergent tank water is maintained at 60 – 70oC. Product concentration may be pre-set and controlled by an automatic dispensing system.

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Utensil machine detergent
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