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Triple Red Service Contracts

Is your laboratory water system misbehaving?
Old and needs replacing?

Call us now: 01844 201142 or Email: info@triplered.com

A continuous supply of laboratory water is essential for consistent research, so where do you turn when things are not quite right?  Our trained and experienced team of UK engineers can help so call us now to arrange a visit.  We can service or repair any brand of lab water system and provide cost effective consumables for any system as well as training your users.  If you take out one of our service contracts then you have peace of mind that your lab water system will be regularly maintained and your water purity levels will remain stable.  However, sometimes it's going to cost you more to get your old system up and running than buying a new one so if that's the case we can tell you all the costs involved in both scenarios.

A full range of service contract packages to suit your needs


Standard Preventative Maintenance Contract to include;

  • Full mechanical check
  • Calibration of meters where applicable
  • Replacement of all consumables
  • Electronic engineers report 
  • One, two or four visits per year

As above, plus;

  • 24 hour telephone support, help and advice
  • 8 working-hour engineer response time
  • All breakdown visits included 

A TripleServe24 Contract, modified specifically for 
the Healthcare Industry*. As above, plus;

  • Annual water testing to current standard 
  • Annual endotoxin testing 

*Endoscopy, Sterile Services, Analyser Feed and more.


Triple Red Service Team

What our customers say:

"The Triple Red engineer was on-site quickly, identified my issue and sorted out the problem before things escalated. He also explained what we could do to help prevent it happening again."

"The call centre understood our problems and the engineer was thoroughly briefed before he arrived."

"Thanks, Triple Red, everything was sorted out before anything critical happened!"