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  • The NU-543 is a biological safety cabinet which offers personnel, product and environmental protection The NU-543 is a biological safety cabinet which offers personnel, product and environmental protection
  • The NU-543 is a biological safety cabinet which offers personnel, product and environmental protection The NU-543 is a biological safety cabinet which offers personnel, product and environmental protection
  • Flowguard control panel Flowguard control panel
  • TUV certificate BSEN 12469 TUV certificate BSEN 12469

NU-543E Safety Cabinet Class II Type A2

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The NU-543 is a biological safety cabinet which offers outstanding protection for the operator and product with a high inflow air exceeding 0.5m/s. The unique HEPEX bag system means the air flow is constant right across the cabinet for the full life cycle of the HEPA filters. This also means that you will replace the filters on an infrequent basis.

With a range of ergonomic features the NU-543 offers a comfortable work area for operators and a ultra-high efficiency motor provides a quiet environment.  

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FlowGard™ Electronic Control System

FlowGard™ ECS offers a user-friendly design with rich functionality. Basic cabinet functionality (Motor Blower, Lights, UV Light, Outlet(s), Alarm Silence) is controlled through easily identifiable buttons. Cabinet's inflow and downflow airspeed are displayed on the FlowGard™ ECS OLED display screen. Airflow performance is monitored and controlled via intelliFlow™ (Airflow Sensor) the same technology used by service professional who certifies your cabinet at minimum once a year.

nitecare™ Night Setback Mode - Upon sliding the window sash into the closed position, the motor blower will continue to operate at a lower rate to save energy and maintain interior clean air conditions ready for use upon window sash opening.

Flowgard Touchlink Control Panel

Ultra High Efficiency Motor

A single ultra-high efficiency ECM motor with a properly sized fan blade minimizes energy usage while extending the life of filters. LabGard® offers the lowest total cost of ownership compared to other models.

NU-543 ultra high efficiency motor

HEPEX™ Zero Leak Airflow System

All LabGard® positive pressure plenums are surrounded by a vacuum relative to the room. Meaning in the event of a leak via gasket failure, all contaminated air in the plenum is still forced through HEPA filtration. The HEPEX™ system also works to provide true laminar airflow by evenly distributing plenum air over the supply HEPA filter. The flexible design eliminates any vibration transfer from the motor blower as well as creates a serviceable work environment for Certifiers after decontamination.

Unique HEPEX bag

True Laminar Airflow

Unidirectional airflow moving along parallel flow lines at a constant velocity of 60 fpm (0.30 m/s) minimizes air turbulence within the work zone lessening the chance for cross contamination.

True Laminar Airflow

Dynamic Air Barrier

A strong inflow air velocity of 105 fpm (0.53 m/s) over an aerodynamic airfoil creates a dynamic air barrier offering maximum personnel protection.

Dynamic Air Barrier

Ergonomic Design Reduces Workplace Injuries

The NU-543 offers a shorter reach into the work zone bringing work materials closer to you relieving stress on your arms, back and neck.

A standard plastic armrest eliminates cold conduction on forearms relieving tendons of any unnecessary stress.

Ergonomic Design

A recessed airfoil allows technicians to use the armrest without fear of blocking airflow.

A further recessed work-tray with spill lip protection lowers the work zone making it easier for lab techs to use pipettes or creating additional space for machinery, such as liquid handlers or TPN Compounding Systems.

A large user friendly work zone offers more usable space while making the farthest corners easier to reach.

Make it Easier on your Service Team

100% of service functions can be performed at the front of the cabinet. All access to the filters and the motor is from the front of the cabinet via an easy access panel.

Service easily accessible at the front

  1. Start up appreciates team's help review by Janette Dillon, PhoreMost Ltd

    Appreciate again all the Triple Red team's help on short notice with the Biological Safety Cabinets. We're a startup so every day and week that passes, each count a lot for us--thanks!

  2. Coventry University very pleased with efficient job review by Sue Tompsett, University of Coventry

    Everything went fine with the service and moving of our Biological Safety Cabinet.Chris, as usual, was very efficient and the job was sorted to everyone’s satisfaction. We even had thanks from our Professor who was really pleased with the new arrangement.

  3. University of Oxford delighted with our outstanding service review by Dr Karin Hellner, University of Oxford

    We ordered two incubators and two tissue culture hoods and the service has been outstanding! Everything from purchase, delivery, installation and maintenance was absolutely easy and hassle free for us. We're very satisfied customers and would be delighted to recommend Triple Red to our colleagues.

  4. Central Manchester University Hospitals have had great results from our Biological Safety Cabinets review by Gregory Horne, Central Manchester University Hosp.

    We have used Triple Red to supply several Class II safety cabinets within our IVF unit with great results. The cabinets have provided a safe environment for both our Andrologists and Embryologists to work in. The cost of the cabinets is very competitive, the quality excellent and the service from Triple Red has been outstanding, ensuring we are up and running when we need to be.

  5. A long term Triple Red CRO customer is indebted to us for our services review by A long term Triple Red CRO customer

    Please inform Stan’s supervisor that we are indebted to Stan for staying late to do these tests and highly appreciative of his service to us. As you are aware, we are planning to expand our cell culture facility later in the year and due to the high level of service that Stan gives us, it is most likely that we will order a new cabinet and CO2 incubators from Triple Red.

  6. University of Huddersfield praises the quality of our products and service review by Dr Nik Georgopoulos, University of Huddersfield

    When we designed our cell culture facilities in Biological Sciences, it was very clear from the first moment we approached different suppliers of cell culture instrumentation that Triple Red were the most helpful and professional of all. We were supplied with top-quality safety cabinets and CO2 incubators which have performed excellently for the last 5 years in a heavily used cell culture facility. Every step of the process of customer support (from purchasing to servicing) has been brilliant and the responses from everyone at Triple Red, whether purchasing staff or engineers, has been exceptionally prompt and efficient. I wish every company we deal with were as good!

  7. University of Salford very pleased for our technical advice and service review by Helen Bradshaw, University of Salford

    Triple Red are a company that goes the extra mile for their customers providing highly technical advice and expertise in sourcing quality products and providing exceptional aftercare servicing. I am delighted with the cell culture safety cabinets, CO2 incubators and biobank liquid nitrogen storage systems we have purchased so far, allowing the School of Environment and Life Sciences to push forward with their research into infectious diseases and childhood cancer.

  8. University of Leeds was very pleased with our "outstanding" installation and servicing review by Morgan Herod, University of Leeds

    A short while ago we used Triple Red to purchase two new NuAire humidified CO2 incubators to house a delicate live cell imaging system and found the service and installation to be outstanding. We were so happy we recently returned to Triple Red to order another new CO2 incubator together with two new class II safety cabinets. Once again everything purchased was delivered and installed efficiently and they were happy to price match their quote with other competitors. So far, maintenance and support have been excellent and we are delighted to recommend Triple Red to our colleagues.

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