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Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification systems

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Environmentally friendly RO water

Triple Red manufacture, install, commission, service and maintain a comprehensive range of RO Water purification systems in the Puro range.

Our high quality RO Water systems are manufactured in the UK to the most demanding standards. Triple Red holds all spare parts and consumables (on our own and other manufacturer's systems) for local delivery. Our local teams of expert water engineers can carry out your routine servicing and maintenance. Complete turnkey packages for installation, commissioning and on-going service are available.

Your service starts with the correct solution recommendation of our Area Manager and continues throughout the lifetime of the product. All this is supported by the unrivalled service from our office staff and UK wide team of local engineers. Whether you require planned preventative maintenance or 24/7cover, it can be provided to fit with the needs of your laboratory.

Type 3 Water

Primary grade RO water produced just from reverse osmosis technology is used for rinsing glassware and feeding ultrapure polishers.

How Do We Get RO Water?

This is the most economical method of removing up to 99% of feed water contaminants. During natural osmosis, water flows from a less concentrated solution through a semipermeable membrane to a more concentrated solution until concentration and pressure on both sides of the membrane are equal.

In water purification, external pressure is applied to the more concentrated side of the membrane to reverse the natural osmotic flow. This forces the feed water through the semipermeable membrane. The impurities are deposited on the membrane surface and flushed to drain. The pure water passing the membrane is referred to as the permeate. It is a good basic technology for removing most contaminants such as ions, organics, bacteria, viruses and particulate matter.

Most RO systems will need a tank to store the purified water as the production rate is usually less than the peak demand. Our standard tank sizes are 30, 60 and 100 litres.

There are a number of systems which provide RO water and the choice depends on the amount of water required. Water is produced into a reservoir which allows it to be drawn off in large volumes or for many points of use around a building.

Reverse Osmosis

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