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Laminar Flow Cabinets - vertical and horizontal flow

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Laminar Flow Horizontal or Vertical Flow?

The FlowFAST Laminar Flow Cabinets are “ISO Class 3” horizontal or vertical laminar flow cabinets which represent far more economical and valid alternatives to clean-rooms, as they are capable of providing uncontaminated, particle-free and sterile conditions for materials in the work-space. They guarantee and maintain excellent product protection factors by offering a decontaminated working area by virtue of the G3 prefilter - and a HEPA filter with an efficiency exceeding 99.995 % MPPS (H14 - EN:1822). 

FlowFAST laminar flow cabinets have been adopted in use for product protection from airborne contamination or while handling not-pathogenic biological specimens in applications such as:

  • Sterility Test
  • Microbiology
  • In Vitro Fertilization
  • Preparation of ophthalmic solutions
  • Preparation of culture media
  • Assembly of electronic devices
  • Nutritional Parenteral Therapy
  • Assembly of medical devices