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CO2 Incubators

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CO2 Special Offers

No safer, more reliable CO2 Incubator on the market

CO2 Incubator accuracy in tissue culture work is essential – even one adjustment or wrongly inputted setting to an incubator can alter an experiment in various ways, causing the experiment to fail. This is why the NuTouch electronic control system makes NuAire’s CO2 incubators one of the safest options for tissue culture work, as you can see from the video below. The NuTouch Electronic Control System for NuAire’s CO2 Incubators is designed specifically to make controlling the parameters needed for optimal cell culture growth much easier to control precisely.

  • Information about the conditions of the inner incubator chamber is shown on a 5” x 7” colour touchscreen.
  • User friendly touchscreen allows the user to monitor the temperature and CO2 levels within the incubator at a glance.
  • On advanced incubator models, the user will also be able to monitor O2 and RH levels.
  • Makes using the incubator much safer and much more efficient with the touch of a finger.
  • Features maintenance reminders
  • Alarm status menus
  • Also includes step-by-step instructions for certain protocols, such as how to run a sterilisation cycle or how to perform a CO2 gas calibration



Contamination Control

Every NuAire CO2 incubator has a unique HEPA filtration system included within the device. This keeps contamination to an absolute minimum and makes the CO2 incubator a clean room for your cells. The quality of the air in the CO2 incubator chamber is the same as in your safety cabinet (Class 100 air). Worried about how many times the door is opened? With CO2 Recovery in < 3 mins, there is no safer CO2 incubator on the market!  

  • Superior build quality
  • CO2 recovery in < 3 mins
  • 200L or smaller 160L capacity
  • 100% stainless steel coved interior chamber
  • HEPA filtration - Class 100 Air
  •  Air jacketed
  •  4 removable stainless steel shelves plus easily removable tray to contain spills
  • 12 months parts and labour warranty
  • Stackable – stacking kit supplied as standard



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