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Biological Safety Cabinets

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A Biological Safety Cabinet that is safe, quiet and reliable

NuAire biological safety cabinets are the safest, quietest and most reliable bio safety cabinet on the market today. You can be sure it will still be fit for purpose 15-20 years after it was purchased. All biological safety cabinets are manufactured from stainless steel and have passed the BSEN12469:2000 standard at TUV in Germany.  NuAire manufactures the highest quality of Class 2 safety cabinets for the most demanding applications. The NU543 series comes with a 250mm window opening which passes all standards including the KI discus and DOP test.

Triple Red provide a full installation package with its team of national service engineers who can commission your class 2 safety cabinet and provide ongoing service support for years to come.

Ten Tips for Working in your Biological Safety Cabinet.

Good technique when working within a Class II Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) will minimise air turbulence and prevent splatter or unwanted spread of aerosols. Here are some tips for good technique that will maximize potential protection of you, your experiment and the environment.

If you would like a copy of our poster, email info@triplered.com  

Ten Tips for Working in your Biological Safety Cabinet.

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