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Our Services

Triple Red Design & Installations

Whether you design, engineer & plan new laboratories, or refurbish existing facilities, almost every laboratory will need a purified water supply. Triple Red can provide specialist support from our experienced project team and resources such as engineering drawings to help deliver the right solution.

For our Ringmain Design and Installation service, click here.

Our experts can help guide you through each step of a pure water installation project including design and configuration:

  • Pressure drops
  • Flow velocity
  • Pipework material
  • Quality and quantity of pure water
  • Waste water
  • Fully recirculating ring mains


Our safety cabinet experts can assist in decisions including:

  • Hard ducted
  • Thimble systems
  • Containment laboratories
  • Fumigation with H2O2 and formaldehyde
  • Air flow balancing within rooms

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